Which kitchen finish would you choose?

Recently I was working with a customer who was concerned that if she selected white cabinets that her choices for expressing her style would be limited.  After all, white is so traditional, right?

Well, take a look at this idea board. Here are just two different possibilities for a white kitchen with very different vibes.

When we are designing a kitchen we guide our customers through every detail, from the cabinet door style down to the lighting and hardware.  Many times renovations are overwhelming when facing the number of decisions to be made. Each decision influences the rest of the project, and the details are where the personality of the homeowners emerge.

We are here to help! We will create idea boards for inspiration using the vast sources we have developed over the years.  We listen to our customers dreams and desires and create design packages that reflect their taste, and often with ideas that are out of their usual repertoire. We attend the industry shows and events to stay on top of the most current trends and to build our resources.  Customers who trust and give us margin to be creative on their behalf are often delighted with the results!

Which of these two kitchen lighting and hardware concepts would you chose?


Kitchen Design Inspiration.jpg
Sarah Abbott, CKD Remodeling