Color Consultations

Does any of this ring true for you?

  • You have tile, countertops, or flooring that you are going to keep. You don’t know how to freshen your wall colors while coordinating with these materials.

  • You just got a new grey linen sofa and area rug and now you realize that the gold colors of your walls are just not going to make the cut with this new furniture.

  • You went to the paint store, bought a dozen color samples, put them on the walls, and are still confused what direction to go. “Why does that white look pink in my house?”

  • You have paint chips taped to the walls for your friends to give their opinions, which are all in conflict and now you are really confused.

You are not alone!  Paint can make a huge impact on an interior, and in many cases it is the least expensive decorating element to add.  But chose wrong and everything is off balance and you’ll be repainting again. Your best selections are made in the light of your home, not in a store.

Choose paint colors with intention, in your home, and with the guidance of a True Colour Expert, and experienced Atlanta Color Consultant from CKD Remodeling.

What you can expect from a Paint Consultation from CKD Remodeling:

  • We'll provide a personalized in-home appointment to select a paint color plan using your furnishings and finishes, such as tile, stone, or flooring. We will spend up to two hours working with you.

  • We will bring large, 10” x 14”, sample boards of the best of Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint colors to the appointment. Our customers love these boards! These large samples make it so much easier to see colors clearly.

  • You’ll get a paint sample chip labeled by location for each color we select.

  • A list of paint colors, manufacturer, and finish for each room will be emailed to you within two business days of your completed appointment. Give this to your painter and you should be ready to start!

  • You will get helpful tips gleaned during our years of experience in decor and renovation to help you maximize the painting process.

And yes, we provide Exterior Paint Consultations. The selection process is similar to interiors as we work with the exterior elements on your home.

A consultation can save you time and energy as we create a personalized color plan, using the materials and light in your home.

Most importantly, a color plan gives you the freedom to move forward with the project!

  • Color Consultations are $295 (up to 2 hours)