Color Consultations

Making good color choices is an essential part of a well designed plan.

Poor color choices will derail even the best of furnishings and decor. 

Choosing colors for your home is not easy whether you are making changes to the interior or exterior. Does any of this ring true?

  • Have you been to the paint store, bought a dozen color samples, and is still confused and uncertain what direction to go?
  •  Do you have paint chips taped to your trim throughout the house waiting for your friends to weigh in on their opinions?
  • Or, have you asked the guy behind the paint counter what he thinks is the best color to use?

You are not alone.  Paint can make a huge impact on an interior, and in many cases it is the least expensive decorating element to add.  But chose wrong and everything is off balance and you’ll be repainting again. Your best selections are made in the light of your home, not in a store.

 Sarah Abbott is True Colour Expert and an experienced Atlanta Color Consultant.  A color consultation with Sarah can save you from costly color mistakes by creating a color palate with intention.  With her knowledge of the science and psychology of color in addition to being able to detect undertones, she will help you determine not only what colors to use, but where to use them.  Sarah’s experience and training with True Colour Expert Maria Killiam will insure that you have professionally created palate that will give your home that wow factor and create a warm, pleasing environment for you and your family.

Call Sarah before you start painting and end up in the wrong color palette. The cost of a color consultation can save you hundreds in repainting costs and provide the perfect final touch to your design plan.

  • Color Consultations are $250 (up to 2 hours)